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Although we offer all services on Video.Link for free and we strive to make our website more and more professional even if we spend money, time and effort for that, we promise you that we will never put ads on our website. We really hate ads exactly as you hate them and we want to keep the main goal of our website which is to watch and share – with no distractions – YouTube videos in a safe and neat environment.

We are currently working on developing a free membership system that allows our users to create safe YouTube channels, playlists and many other cool features which needs a plenty of time and effort, your support will help us to maintain and improve our work and get it done faster.

Your donation will help thousands of teachers, students, parents, kids, and many others have a safer and better watching experience that they deserve. The amount to donate is up to your choice. All donations will be handled by PayPal. Consider donating at least $5 otherwise the transaction fees will eat up most if not all of your donation.

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